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the Nursery Inn Heaton Norris
New Year's Eve 2016 at the Nursery
Louise sings 'One Day I'll Fly Away'
a few of the songs we did - click
6 more songs - click
... and a few more songs - click
a few songs and photos - click
Louise - Nothing Compares / Chris - Most Beautiful Girl / Duet - She's Like the Wind
Louise - Let Him Go / Chris - Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Louise - Last song of the night (Adele)
 Nursery Inn
Another top night at the Top Dog
we love it when all the Hughes family & friends turn out
Past & Present duo - 8 relaxing songs
Another purrfect gig at the Puss In Boots Offerton
so busy that our friends were in different rooms
a spooktacular turn-out for Halloween 2016
A splendid gig at the Spread Eagle
the Three Bears Almond Pub
Another brilliant gig at the Buxton Inn Gee Cross
a good turn-out and nice atmosphere
Barbara & Andrew are doing great with the new restaurant menu
Our return to the Penny Farthing Denton went well
a good turn-out of our friends, nice atmosphere
new owners the Jordan family are doing well at the Penny
Our first time at the Dane Bank for new owners
Robert Lester & family went well
it was packed, lots of our friends turned up
and we made some new friends
Our 3rd Valentine's at the Windsor Castle went well
A fantastic wedding gig at the Worsley Park Marriott
A lovely wedding gig at Stamford Golf Club Stalybridge
Stacey & Tommo
A very nice wedding venue at Hyde Bank Farm Romiley
Laura & Jason
A very enjoyable wedding gig at Hollin Hall for Helen & Tony
A great wedding gig at the Alma Lodge for Gemma & Mike
Another great gig at the Stock Dove Romiley
Erica & Kevin Parrott - Dot & Ian Brookes
Paul Burgess (10cc / Removal Men / Escape Committee etc)
Kevin Parrott (Matchstalk Men)
Ian Brookes (Yes Sir / Vehicle)
Have a listen to the variety of songs on YouTube
Top Dog (Dog & Pheasant) in Ashton
Chris & Louise - 8 songs in 11 minutes at the Top Dog
A short video clip of Louise singing 'Hold On' - click
A short video clip of Louise singing 'Who Knew' - click
Some short video clips - Louise 17
Chris & Louise - Need You Now TD         Chris & Louise - Bed of Roses TD



The Crown Bredbury
Louise sang this for the first time, fantastic - Harden My Heart
Chris & Louise - Livin' Thing
Live at the Crown Bredbury - Heartache Tonight
Chris & Louise - our first try of 2 songs by Toto
Louise - Anyone Who Had a Heart 
Here's a short video
A fantastic New Year's Eve gig at the Crown in Bredbury for Pete & Olwen




the Nursery Inn Heaton Norris

Louise - Let Her Go     Chris - You Can't Do That
Chris - Let The Healing Begin
A couple of short videos from our Nursery gig  click  click
More songs we did at the Nursery click this
(click the pic)




















Cow & Calf Romiley












the Rising Sun Bredbury click this








you can hear most of the songs we did in April 2011 here












The George Compstall














the Nursery Inn Heaton Norris








Steve & Colin joined us for a few guitar songs during our break




Mark & I did 4 songs on guitars during our break
Louise did a duet with Suzanne & Mathew










the Friendship Inn Romiley










the Grouse Inn near Glossop














Pam's 60th party at the Rising Sun Bredbury


click these links to hear 2 & a half hours edited down to 2 clips of 60s & 70s songs for Pam & Los

Past & Present duo Chris & Louise at the Rising Sun June09
Past & Present duo Chris & Louise at the Rising Sun(2) June09


Dee's 50th party at the Rising Sun Bredbury, the 'Cowboys & Indians' theme was brilliant




click these links to hear 2 & a half hours edited down to 3 clips,  a full set of 'new' songs just for this theme

Past & Present duo Chris & Louise at Dee's 50th party
Past & Present duo Chris & Louise at Dee's 50th party (2)
Past & Present duo Chris & Louise at Dee's 50th party (3)


Carol was surprised, "I didn't think there would be so many Indians".
(that's what General Custer said)


Linda's 50th party at the Rising Sun Bredbury