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More Top nights at the Moor Top
Our return to the Apethorn Gee Cross was great
the Matchstalk Men were there on Friday 2nd January
for the last night before it closed
and a bit of harmonica from me
Our 2nd gig at the Strawberry Duck was great
Our 1st gig at the new Coach & Horses Denton went well
Our gigs in the lounge at Romiley Liberal Club went well

Another great turn-out of friends at the Rising Sun Bredbury


for our 116th and last gig for Graham & Linda


the end of our monthly venue for the past 10 years


Our Halloween fancy dress gig at the Rising Sun Bredbury was Spooky  
Listen to all the spooky songs we did click on Louise
Here are 33 song clips, many of them new, many for the first time, 
some requests, a unique set of songs for the Rising Sun, not typical at any other venue 
You can hear most of the songs we did in April 2011 here
Here are all the songs we did at our Rising Sun gig in February 2012 
with pictures of our friends from various nights there (click the pic)  
11th October 2016:
It's 15 years ago today that my friend & singing partner Stuart died.
As sad as it is, it's nice to remember all the good times, and there were many.
We did around 1400 gigs together between 1992 & 2001


Our first gig at Number 71 Bar
It's a lovely place


Our gig at Chapters Club Stockport was good 



 A very nice venue run by Jo who is also very nice






Our first gig for Lynne at the Crown Hawk Green Marple went well



thanks to another good turn-out of friends





Our gigs at Mellor Golf Club went very well


I'm adding stuff & changing the website around on an almost daily basis
thanks to Ronnie Replay for showing me how to do it.
Have a look in 'photo gallery' on the home page,
then click 'more pics' for another page.
There's a page for 'The Classics Band' & 'The Deltones' too.
check this out ... manchesterbeat the shop
Manchester Beat has released 4 books on bands of the 60s & 70s etc.
The front cover of 'Vol 1 - The Early Years' is a bit small to make out,
here's a closer look .......
The Satellites 1963 (pre The Bouncers / The Skid / The Inner Mind) 
Colin, Pete, Steve, Chris (yes, that's me)
I found a picture of my old band 'Axis' at Granada studios in 1970
the programme was called 'Lift Off'
These old pics prompted a few replies
 Paul Burgess / me / Chris Daniel / John Bohen
Paul Burgess (drums) went on to join '10cc' in 1973, mainly for touring
until Godley & Creme left, then he was on all their recordings too.
He's been touring in Germany & Holland with Graham Gouldman as 10cc.
They toured the UK from the end of April.
I went to see them at Manchester Opera House 5th May 2009 ...... brilliant.
Paul still lives in Stockport, and does the pub circuit when he's home.
Saw Paul again with Atlanta Roots, amazing, he has a night off in mid tour, and comes home to do a gig
I went to see 10cc again 23rd March 2011 at Buxton Opera House
another fantastic performance and a lovely venue
I went to see 10cc at Leeds Arena (courtesy of Paul) December 2013
Chris Daniel (bass) was in a band called 'the Out' 1978 - 1981
The rhythm guitarist was George Borowski who became famous as guitar George
when they supported Dire Straits on a gig.
Paul & Chris both play on one of my recordings in 1978, click on the link below
plug your headphones or earphones in for a proper listen.
Arny Sage plays keyboards/effects, he was in a band called 'Kicks'
who are on some of my songs, lives in Bredbury, been to some of our gigs.
I got a call from Mike Smith who told me he was the drummer
in 'the Out' for the last few months of the band ..... well .... small world.
He now plays drums with 'the Removal Men' (so does Paul) ... small world.
I went to see them at the Nursery Inn Heaton Norris on Sunday .... brilliant.
Mike was also in 'the Dougie James band' ....
as was Des Tongue & Lyn Oakey who are on some of my songs.
more of my songs here

look at this hairy git
that's me screaming out 'a whole lot of love' Led Zep in 1971
Tip: Get a decent set of headphones for a much better sound than laptop & pc speakers
Trust me, the better the quality, the more you will hear
 Chris Statham