Chris's Songwriting & Recording Sessions
1978 - 1987
Chris Statham                                                                                 Revolution Studios
Gary Sharpe                                                            Mike Briggs
Guitar Bob                                          Des Tong
Steve Gibson                      Mike Byron-Hehir                       Paul Burgess
Steve Gilbert & Des Tong                                                    Lyn Oakey
Arny Sage                                                Sue Quin
Chris Statham & friends ..... all songs written & performed by Chris Statham
Chris - vocals & rhythm guitar - all songs
Something Going On                            Step Into The Light
We're at the Crossroads                              Miss Sad Eyes
I'm No Smoothie                                         Rock Star
Rum Girl                                                Let's Take A Ride
Burn At The Lights                There's No One Like You
Life Saver
You're Really Weird
What A Day                                                                     Poser
You're Everything To Me                                                               Getaway
This World Today
Up In The Sky
Don't Worry Girl
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One of my early recording sessions